For Individuals

I love working with newly graduated students and other advanced degree holders who want to move their careers forward.

My clients are navigating life after college, changing careers, starting and growing small businesses, and transitioning to new fields of work. Most importantly, they are connecting with their purpose.

Clients come to me when they’re feeling lost, stuck, or unsure about the way forward. Our work together is about them gaining clarity, focus, clearing obstacles, and identifying next steps. And then — and this is the important part — they do what they need to do in between each session. As we continue our work, they build momentum and get ever closer to reaching their goal.

Coaching helps you move forward in life on your own terms. YOU set the agenda for each session, and for the overall coaching relationship; my agenda is to keep you true to your values, priorities, and goals.

Any suggestions I make are offered in the spirit of learning and to help your self-discovery. Accountability is an important part of coaching, and we will work together to ensure you make and accomplish realistic, relevant, and authentic goals. The point of all this is that you’re in charge, and we’ll work together to identify and reach your goals.

My job as your coach is to facilitate you gaining greater awareness, developing suitable plans, and taking meaningful action to achieve your goals. I will use a variety of coaching tools, and follow a basic structure for our sessions, beginning with setting an agenda and ending with what action you will take next.

Before hiring me, consider checking out my resources pages. If you have access to career services via your institution, local government or otherwise, do take advantage. These services may not be tailored for your needs, but you may be able to get a lot of out them even so.

Your own network may also be a great resource for you, and will be happy to help you navigate your professional life.

Finally, if you have specific questions about particular fields, know that you may be better off seeking advice directly from individuals working in your target industry, field, and roles.

Click this link to book a discovery call or email me at That’s the first step to potentially working with me. (And if I’m not the right person, I’ll try to connect you with someone who is).