About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda, Founder of Beyond The Books.

About Me

In my past life I’ve worked as a Junior Business Analyst, a Leadership and Organization Development Coordinator, a Research Associate as well as a Graduate Assistant; all of my jobs have launched me to where I am today, but have not felt fulfilling.

By working together, I hope to help my students gain the confidence and security they need to pursue their own careers and take charge of their lives. I do all of this because I want my students to stand tall and be proud of their hard work and accomplishments. I care about people, not about what they’ve studied or how well they did academically. My aim is for my students to launch careers where they can be who they truly are and do what they’re meant to do, as long as it’s right for them.

I’ve worked 1-1 with students in the past and have heavily researched the relationship between parents and college-aged students (you can read about my dissertation HERE). I earned my PhD in Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy from Seton Hall University in December 2020 (yes, you read that correctly, in the middle of a pandemic). I was so passionate about my studies that I couldn’t let anything stand in my way between my work and my future-helping new graduates.

I launched this business to chronicle my journey thus far, offer resources, and encourage others to get in charge of their own careers.

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